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The Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program (CE-ITDP) Training Course aims to set the Security, Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) standard, for combating the Insider Threat problem across the U.S. Federal Government (USFG), Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC) and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector. SETA standardization is crucial, and will provide for a more focused, alert and able workforce to detect, deter or mitigate malicious Insiders.  The increased awareness and focus on the Insider Threat problem, by other Insiders, is one of the most effective and cost efficient approaches for dealing with the Insider Threat in an organization.


PLEASE NOTE: The CE-ITDP Training Course will exceed the requirements set fourth in various statutory policy and regulatory mandates, regarding Security, Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) for the U.S. Federal Government. See: US Federal Government SETA Requirements.


The CE-ITDP Training Course (Classroom/Web Based) was designed from the ground up in 2011, after numerous unauthorized disclosures of classified information from the WikiLeaks website. CEUS reviewed existing Counterespionage Training Courses, the April 2000 DoD Insider Threat Mitigation Report and various other Computer Crime/Data Breach Reports. Interviews were conducted with various Counterintelligence (CI), Security and Information Assurance (IA) experts from across the USFG, DoD and IC, with extensive experience in Insider Threats and Espionage. The overall conscience and feedback was that a CE-ITDP Training Course was needed. The CE-ITDP Training Course was developed and will provide CI, Security and IA professionals with a broad base of knowledge to assist them in developing, implementing and managing an Insider Threat Defense Program for their organization.


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Highlights Of The Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program Training Course

  • The CE-ITDP Training Course is designed for: Individuals who are responsible for, or involved in; 1) The security disciplines of CI, Security, Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP), and IA within USFG, DoD and IC agencies. 2) Anyone who is involved in Insider Threat Risk Mitigation working for Cleared Defense Contractors, the Defense Industrial Base, or supporting a National Industrial Security Program.

  • This 4 day course covers 20 different modules, is well structured and comprehensive. It is the only course available that will teach individuals how to; 1) Development, implement and manage an Insider Threat Defense Program / Risk Management Framework. 2) Provide in depth knowledge to identify Insider Threat risks and vulnerabilities within an organization. 3) Provide risk mitigation strategies and actionable steps that they can be taken to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats within an organization.

  • The CE-ITDP Training Course incorporates many of the modules from the TopSecretProtection.Com (TSP) ISSPM Training Course. The National Security Agency (NSA) awarded TSP a contract to train NSA Computer Security Professionals in 2009.  CEUS is affiliated with TSP. In 2010 the TSP ISSPM Training Course website won an award from the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA).

  • CEUS will train and certify individuals as a Counterespionage Security Specialist (CESS). The CESS Certification is unique and is the only security certification designed exclusively to validate an individual’s knowledge of Counterespionage Techniques and Insider Threat Defense Program (ITDP) Risk Mitigation Strategies based on USFG, DoD and IC requirements.

  • CEUS is currently the only company that has developed a CE-ITDP Security Reference Website Portal. The website portal provides a 365 Day-A-Year, 24 x 7, CE-ITDP continuous education training program that is relevant, current and easily accessible through a web browser, for all Certified CESS’s to use. The website is constantly updated with the latest information related to Espionage, Counterespionage, Insider Threat Defense Programs and CI, Security and IA. CESS’s are notified of updates to the website via e-mails alerts. CEUS provides the CE-ITDP Security Reference Website Portal, at no additional charge.

Modules Covered In The CE-ITDP Training Course

Overview Of Espionage / Insider Threats

Mobile Device Security

 Data Security Lifecycle

Suspicious Activity Reporting / Incident Response

               Classified Information / Protection Strategies

Social Networking Threats/ Cyber Vetting Strategies

Privacy / Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Computer Monitoring And Auditing

Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program-Risk Management Framework

Risk Management, Security Assessments, Mitigation Strategies, Continuous Monitoring

Baseline Information Systems Security Controls

Spy Gadgets / Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Secure Configuration Of Information Systems

Data Spills

Access Control Lifecycle / Authorization Creep

Hidden Metadata Document Security

General / Privileged User Security Responsibilities

Electronic Media Clearing, Sanitizing, Destruction

Security Education, Training And Awareness

Handouts, Discussions, Exercises

Security Policies And Procedures

CE-ITDP Final Exam / CESS Certification



CE-ITDP Training Course Student Comprehension Assessments

Periodic course content and module reviews, coupled with question and answer sessions, are conducted each day of the CE-ITDP Classroom Based Training Course. This reinforces the learning objectives of each module taught in the CE-ITDP Training Course. CEUS follows the recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Special Publication 800-16, which recommends four ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a cybersecurity training program. (End-of-Course Evaluations, Behavior Objective Testing, Job Transfer Skills, Organizational Benefit)



Counterespionage Security Specialist (CESS) Certification

  • The CESS Certification Exam consists of multiple choice, matching and true/false questions. Unlike other security certifications exams that are Pass/Fail, CEUS will work with individuals until they pass the CESS Certification Exam, at no additional charge. Upon the successful passing of the CESS Certification Exam, students will receive a Counterespionage Security Specialist Certification

  • The CESS Certification will provide confidence to employers that the CESS is capable of developing, implementing and managing a successful Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program, that is built on a solid foundation of proven Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Strategies.

  • CEUS will develop a network of Certified CESS’s across the USFG, DoD and IC agencies. This is of the utmost importance to all U.S. Government Agencies to mitigate Insider Threats and protect U.S. National Security.


CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course
Individuals who take the CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course, will receive the same structured and comprehensive training as the classroom based course.
Benefits Of The CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course:

  • The Training Course Materials Are Easily Accessible Through A Web Browser, From Anywhere (Desktop/Notebook Computer, iPad).

  • The Training Course Is Self Paced, Providing The Ability To Re-Review Training Course Materials.

  • Frequent Interaction Between CE-ITDP Training Course Instructor Via E-Mail Or Phone.

  • No Travel Cost Or Time Constraints.

CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course Enrollment Forms

Please complete the two forms below to enroll in the CE-ITDP Training Course:

CE-ITDP Training Course Enrollment Form

CEUS Copyright Notice Acknowledgement-Access Agreement


CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course Cancellation-Refund Policy

Please sign, scan and e-mail to: cybercop@topsecretprotection.com 


CE-ITDP Training Course Pricing
CE-ITDP Classroom Based Training Course: $1295.00 (4 Day Course)
CE-ITDP Web Based Training Course:           $795.00  (Self Paced)
Payment Options: We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Purchase Orders.
Price Includes;
CE-ITDP Training Course Handbook, Presentations, Handouts, Discussions, Audio-Visual Presentations, Interactive Exercises and Scenarios, CE-ITDP Final Exam, Counterespionage Security Specialist Certification Certificate, access to the CE-ITDP Security Reference Website Portal.


CE-ITDP Training Course Classroom Locations / Class Schedule

Currently the CE-ITDP Training Course is offered at various locations in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, to groups of 10 or more. Class sizes may be limited and fill quickly. The CE-ITDP Training Course is also available in Phoenix, Arizona. Please contact us for the schedule and availability of classes as the CE-ITDP Training Course has been consistently in high demand.


CE-ITDP Training Course Group Rates / On-Site Training At Your Location / Specialized Training

The CE-ITDP Training Course can be purchased specifically for your organization. CEUS will come to your location to present the CE-ITDP Training Course. Please call for a quote. This is dependent upon the CE-ITDP Training Course Instructors availability. The CE-ITDP Training Course can be tailored to meet your organizations security training requirements.



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