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ABOUT US                                                                                                              Counterespionage.Us (CEUS) is a private company.

CEUS is affiliated with TopSecretProtection.Com (TSP). Our offices are located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Satellite offices are also located in the West Palm Beach, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona.



What Is The Mission Of CEUS?
CEUS has a mission is to provide its clients with balanced, cost effective, structured and comprehensive risk management strategies for protecting classified information and national security systems. We have over 15 years of extensive experience protecting U.S. Federal Government (USFG), Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) agencies classified information and national security systems in the areas of; Insider Threat, Information Systems Security and Information Assurance Risk Management, up to the Top Secret SCI (TS/SCI) Level.

CEUS Highlights

CEUS is a unique company with no competition that we are aware of.


Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program Training Course

The CE-ITDP Training Course is designed for: Individuals who are responsible for, or involved in; 1) The security disciplines of CI, Security and IA within USFG, DoD and IC agencies. 2) Anyone who is involved in Insider Threat Risk Mitigation working for Cleared Defense Contractors, the Defense Industrial Base, or supporting a National Industrial Security Program.


The Counterespionage / Insider Threat Defense Program (CE-ITDP) Training Course aims to set the Security, Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) standard, for combating the Insider Threat problem across the U.S. Federal Government (USFG), Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC) and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector. SETA standardization is crucial, and will provide for a more focused, alert and able workforce to detect, deter or mitigate malicious Insiders.  The increased awareness and focus on the Insider Threat problem, by other Insiders, is one of the most effective and cost efficient approaches for dealing with the Insider Threat in an organization.


CEUS will certify individuals as a Counterespionage Security Specialist (CESS). The CESS Certification is unique and is the only security certification designed exclusively to validate an individual’s knowledge of Counterespionage Techniques and Insider Threat Defense Program (ITDP) Risk Mitigation Strategies based on USFG, DoD and IC requirements. 


Insider Threat Risk Assessment / Risk Mitigation Services

CEUS assists USFG, DoD and IC agencies in evaluating the security postures of their organizations. No other company can offer the expertise CEUS can. In the aftermath of the WikiLeaks incident, our CE-ITDP Training Course Instructor has been providing recommendations to USFG, DoD and IC agencies with advise on corrective actions, mitigation measures, and policy recommendations needed to combat the Insider Threat problem. CEUS ITRMS Auditors are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and/or hold other security relevant certifications.


Background On The CE-ITDP Training Course Instructors

  • Mr. Jim Henderson is the president of CEUS and has over 15 Years of Hands-On Experience in the development, implementation and management of enterprise Information Technology (IT) Departments, Information Systems Security Programs and DoD Insider Threat Defense Programs. He has protected U.S. Government Classified Information and National Security Systems up to the Top Secret SCI Level, using a Defense-In-Depth Security Posture and a structured and comprehensive Information Systems Security Program Framework. He is currently cleared at the Top Secret SCI Level (CI Polygraph).

  • Jim is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional/CISSP, and has also completed advanced training in a number of other security disciplines.

  • He has Held Senior Level Leadership Positions As A: DoD Counterintelligence/Counterespionage Security Specialist, Information Assurance (IA) Subject Matter Expert, Designated Approving Authority Representative / Certifier Of Information Systems, Computer Forensics Examiner/Analyst, Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO), Information Systems Security Manager/Officer (ISSM/ISSO), Director of Information Security, and SCIF Manager/SSO. All these positions reported directly to Senior Level Management and Directors.

  • He is recognized in the DoD and Intelligence Community as a seasoned Senior Information Systems Security Manager, DoD Information Assurance Subject Matter Expert (SME), as well as a DoD Counterespionage Security Specialist. He has received several Meritorious Service/Special Accomplishment Awards and Letters of Recognition from U.S. Government Agencies.

  • Jim is currently a DoD Counterespionage Security Specialist and is a key player in standing up the DoD Insider Threat Counterintelligence Group (ITCIG). The DoD ITCIG has established an enterprise DoD Insider Threat Defense Program (ITDP) / Risk Management Framework Model, and is assisting DoD Commands, Services and Agencies in establishing and evaluating their ITDP’s. As the Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO) (April 2004 to April 2007) he was instrumental in establishing an Information Systems Security Program from the ground up, for a high profile National Level Intelligence Information Sharing and Analysis Center, under the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC).

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    CE-ITDP / ISSPM Training Course Instructor Resume
    Resume: James Henderson

    CE-ITDP / ISSPM Training Course Instructor Specialized Training
    Certifications-Specialized Training For James Henderson

    Certified Information Systems Professional / CISSP Certificate
    CISSP Certificate

  • Mr. George Theoharatos has over 30 Years of Hands-On Experience directly dealing with diverse issues relating to information assurance and information systems security. During his career he has functioned as the Security System Integrator for a segment of the National Intelligence Community, a prime contractor for various National Intelligence and Special Access Programs, a subcontractor in support of various classified and sensitive programs. While serving with the United States Air Force he served a special-duty assignment with the Secretary of the Air Force, Special Projects where he interfaced with the Government and Contractor community on numerous issues dealing with several sensitive and critical programs.

  • In an effort to stay on top of current technology and policy George is active in several professional security organizations, to include the National Classification Management Society, American Society of Industrial Security, High-Technology Criminal Investigators Association, and the Contractors SAP/SAR Working Group, to name a few. George has received in-depth training from various government and industry agencies. George received his BPA in Criminal Justice from National University and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science Degree in Information Assurance and Security from Capella University.


Professional Affiliations


Business Networing / Information Sharing

Communicating and sharing information with other Law Enforcement, Counterintelligence, Information Assurance and Information Systems Security Professionals, improves knowledge and awareness, and better enables security professionals to protect classified information.

CEUS is affiliated  TopSecretProtection.Com (TSP). TSP is a member of the FBI Infragard Program. Being involved with the FBI Infragard Program gives CEUS a vast resource of knowledge to draw from; FBI Special Agents, USFG, DoD, IC and Private Sector Security Experts. This vast resource of knowledge is not available to the general public.

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TopSecretProtection.Com is a member of the Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA). FISSEA is an organization run by and for Federal Information Systems Security Professionals.  FISSEA assists federal agencies in meeting their computer security training responsibilities.

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